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Hiking in See

Hiking trails in the Paznaun valley
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Step by step

Hiking trails in the natural paradise of See

Routes for every taste

Have you packed your backpack and put on your hiking boots? Then it’s time to explore the mountains of Tyrol!

One of the best things about hiking in See: You don’t have to be an experienced mountaineer to get to the region’s best vantage points. Instead, hiking in See is all about enjoyment and unforgettable mountain moments. Are you ready for your Alpine adventure in the Paznaun valley?

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The best routes

Hiking trails in and around See

From easy to challenging

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back family hike or an ambitious summit tour: The mountains around See boast numerous routes for all skill levels, taking you to the region’s best lookout points and mountain lodges.

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Hiking adventures
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Multi-day routes

Long-distance hiking in the Paznaun valley

Counting kilometres

One day of hiking simply isn’t enough for you? Then how about a multi-day hike? The Paznaun valley boasts numerous great long-distance hiking trails that are perfect for exploring the magnificent mountain world.

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Up the mountains

Trail running in Tyrol

Explore the Paznaun valley running

Are you looking for an action-packed alternative to hiking? Shift up a gear and try your hand at trail running! The mountains of See offer perfect opportunities for the sport.

A perfect combo

Bike & Hike tours in the Paznaun valley

Mountain bikes & hiking boots

If you love hiking as well as mountain biking, See is the ideal holiday destination for you. After all, the Alpine region boasts excellent opportunities to combine your two favourite pastimes – on scenic Bike & Hike routes. For inside tips on both sports, rope in the region’s professional mountain biking and hiking guides!

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Convenient transport

The cable cars of See

Getting up to the hiking area

Many of the Paznaun valley’s best hiking trails have their starting points up in the mountains. The good news: You can skip the exhausting uphill part and simply hop on the local cable cars to get there. Another convenient service: The summer bus takes you to the region’s most popular attractions.

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Experience See

The mountain region in summer

Activities and services